So I searched the whole internet on how to create a simple music player GUI app like Windows media player but every single tutorial that I found turned out to be about developing rubbish GUI (unless Visual Studio is used) especially using displeasing GUI libraries like Python’s Tkinter. And most of the other modules I researched about included a little too much advanced OOP and lengthy code. So as I needed elegant UI and was too lazy to install Visual Studio I decided to only create a front-end for a music player using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

As soon as…

Welcome to my blog! My name is Devnith and I am a hobbyist game developer. After getting comfortable with the Unity Engine I had an vague idea for my first game development project by myself. At first my aim was to create a top-down RPG using pixel art. But when I actually started creating assets I soon realized that my animation skills are very weak; I took hours to animate simple idle animations. Even though I was confident in drawing digital art with my Wacom Intous, I sucked when it came to frame by frame animation.

This is when I…


My name is Devnith Wijesinghe. I develop games as a hobby, watch anime and play Minecraft in my free time.

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